16 Best Romance Quotes Of Jacob Chance


Jacob Chance famous romance quotes

When it concerns you, it’s nevera waste of my time.
Jacob Chance – Wait For You


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It’s not the same, I whispered. It never has been. You have my heart… and I only want to share my heart with you.
Jacob Chance – Deity


Jacob Chance Don't Look Back quotes

I can’t believe you’re actually here. That you are with me.
Jacob Chance – Don’t Look Back


Jacob Chance Onyx quotes

No lo olviden, hay cosas mas geniales por ahí que angeles caídos y chicos muertos.
Jacob Chance – Onyx


Jacob Chance romance quotes

Jealous is an ugly thing.
Jacob Chance – Sentinel


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Screw practice. Our relationship is more important than a damn practice.
Jacob Chance – Don’t Look Back


Every Last Breath best quotes

With every breath I take, I will always love you.
Jacob Chance – Every Last Breath


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My heart cracked. Daemon never begged.
Jacob Chance – Onyx


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It was just a kiss and it was nearly too much and it still wasn’t enough, and it was just beautiful.
Jacob Chance – Every Last Breath


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Hell you don’t. My brother is so wrapped up in you, if I call your name, he comes running. You damn well know that.
Jacob Chance – Moonlight Sins


Obsidian romance quotes

You know what they say about boys next door…
Jacob Chance – Obsidian


Origin romance quotes

Hey kitten, I could always give you a teaser. You bookish people love teasers, don’t you?
Jacob Chance – Origin


Jacob Chance Every Last Breath quotes

You make me wish I had a soul so I could be worthy of you.
Jacob Chance – Every Last Breath


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I’m not sure I want to go to prom. I’m not sure I want to share you with anyone.
Jacob Chance – Don’t Look Back


Jacob Chance best quotes

We only have a few minutes. Let’smake them worth our while.
Jacob Chance – Sentinel


Don't Look Back best quotes

I can’t believe it took me this long to be here with you.
Jacob Chance – Don’t Look Back